Saturday Outreach Program (SOP)

Posted: January 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

In my first Saturday Outreach Program, we went to the the Philippine Chinese Charitable Association Old Folks Home on January 12, 2013. We had an interaction with the senior citizens in the home. We gathered together and had a fun conversation with them. There were snacks which we prepared for them and ate the snacks during the conversation. We talked about a lot of things. They talked about their life stories and shared what happened to them in their younger years. Some were there because they had no family, some were left by their family. The people there also gave us a tour of the place they live in. I saw the place where they slept, ate meals, and where they take a bath. There were some seniors who were physically disabled, and there were also those who were mentally disabled.

There were mixed emotions in me during the time I was interacting with the seniors. I felt happy, but at the same time sad. From what I have heard from them which made me happy was that they have a good time in the home. They are well fed and taken cared of. Those with disabilities were supported by the Chinese General Hospital. Those who could still manage themselves go out at times to take a stroll. They converse with each other and have fun. But what made me feel sad was that even though they were well taken cared, that can not change what has happened. It can not change the reasons why they are in the home. Sometimes in the home, they do not always have anyone to talk to. They do not always have someone to tell their stories to and someone to open up to. When I went there, they were very happy, because there is not always a chance that people would visit them. That is why I feel sad.

So with all the stories and conversations I have had with them last Saturday, I have learned a lot of things from them. In life, while growing older, you will experience a lot of things. There would be good memories, but not all would be splendid. But these things could also depend on what you do with your life. I realized that I should not take the things I have right now for granted. All the things I have, my education, my parent’s love, my friends. They all did something good for me and something I should always remember and use in the future. Because what I do now, can affect what happens to myself in the future. Maybe that is why the poor that I see in the streets, they turned out like that. Maybe it’s because they had the chance to do something for their future yet they took it for granted. Now, I also realized that without God, everything would not be the way it seems. Because God gives us hope if we have faith in Him. He gives us hope to let us continue in what good we are doing for our future. Without God, no one would have hope. That is why God is important and we should always have faith in Him.


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